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Tracy Muklewicz, MS Ed, NCC, LCPC Clinical Director and Founder of Insight Therapeutics, Inc.


350 Pfingsten Road Suite 110 Northbrook, IL 60062


27 W. 140 Roosevelt Road, Suite 205, Winfield, IL 60190


Contact Information

Phone (847) 800-9347

Fax  (847) 628-0791

IP Relay  (847) 886-4280


Business Office:
27 W. 140 Roosevelt Road

Suite 205

Winfield, IL 60190



Who we are...

At Insight Therapeutics, we strive to go the extra mile.  From your first contact with us, we are at your service.  This means prompt and courteous responses.  We help you to understand your managed care plan, and ensure that therapy is accessible and affordable.  Offering a wide variety of resources, we tailor recommendations to your individual preferences and needs. Your treatment and treatment plan are transparent and tailored towards you as a whole person, and not just a condition.  Regardless of how you get here, we're glad you're here.  At Insight, we take great care in establishing a respectful and mutual relationship with all clients.

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